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State Storage, Locking, and History

No more state files! Automatically store and access state remotely whenever and wherever you run Terraform. State access is automatically locked during Terraform operations. In the UI, view a history of changes to the state, who made them, and when.

Available now

State storage, state diffs, and locking during runs

Collaborate on Plans and Applies

Comment, iterate, and approve proposed infrastructure changes with your team. Integrate directly with a VCS such as GitHub to trigger runs automatically for Pull Requests. View the plan and apply output, track the history of all Terraform runs, and more.

Coming soon

Review, comment, and record decisions

Full Workflow with the CLI, API, or GUI

Plan and apply remotely using the standard terraform CLI, a full HTTP API, or the web UI. Invoke Terraform from any CI system without losing any collaboration features. Keep API credentials and other secrets securely stored remotely so local environments never have access to them.

Coming soon

Console tools, REST API, and beautiful UI for Terraform
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